Who is david hasselhoff dating

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'We're planning on it.'The only thing that gets him down, he says, 'is when I don't have something to do – I'm not good at relaxing', although there seems little chance of that. 'I've made such a good living the last six or seven years, doing whatever I have to.He reels off a list of future projects including a potential Knight Rider reboot with Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn, and a project he's trying to get off the ground entitled Our Man Hoff, which sees him as a secret agent who, from his excitable description, appears to take out female villains by making love to them till they die.'It's based on my life. Just give me a call sheet,' he says, 'I don't care what it's for. In Killing Hasselhoff his manager, played by Jon Lovitz, at one point asks: 'Are you drinking again? Carry on doing this to your body and you will die', adding that it was his 'girls' honesty that saved me'.' It's a surprisingly direct reference to his well-publicised battles with alcohol and calls to mind the infamous video shot by his then-teenage daughter Taylor-Ann in 2007, showing him drunkenly eating a cheeseburger off the floor – which went viral within days and prompted him to seek help for his addiction. In any case, says Hasselhoff, 'life goes on and when I realised that, I stopped getting mad about it and trying to kill everybody and hanging my head in shame. It was like: get over it.'If anything, the video increased Hasselhoff's appeal, showing an honesty and vulnerability that might not always have been apparent.

The couple have recently been pictured enjoying a holiday in Ibiza and, after a slew of proposals, he formally popped the question to the former shop assistant in Malibu last year, in front of a Hello!

Spells in rehab for alcohol abuse and the disintegration of his second marriage, to actress Pamela Bach, caused the work to dry up.

Undeterred, he reinvented himself as The Hoff, an exaggerated take on his own persona.

It led to the Emmy-winning comedy series Hoff The Record, numerous cameos as himself in movies such as Piranha 3DD and stints on Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent.

It has also led to his latest movie, Killing Hasselhoff.

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