Virtual adult chatterbot dating a guy who plays guitar

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Do people actually have that low an opinion of 13-year-old boys?I mean, I knew when I was 13 that camels have four legs! The stork brought me – at least, most of parents in Ukraine tell this to their children…reduced the problem of defining intelligence to a simple question about conversation.He suggests that: if a machine can answer any question put to it, using the same words that an ordinary person would, then we may call that machine intelligent.It only concerns the behavior of machines and ignores the issues of interest to psychologists, cognitive scientists and philosophers; to answer this question, it does not matter whether a machine is really thinking (as a person thinks) or is just acting like it is thinking.Arguments against the basic premise must show that building a working AI system is impossible, because there is some practical limit to the abilities of computers or that there is some special quality of the human mind that is necessary for thinking and yet cannot be duplicated by a machine (or by the methods of current AI research).

This is the paper where Shieber introduces the pogo-stick analogy, and where he crisply explains why AI researchers don’t currently focus their energies on chatbot competitions.Important propositions in the philosophy of AI include: Is it possible to create a machine that can solve all the problems humans solve using their intelligence?This question defines the scope of what machines will be able to do in the future and guides the direction of AI research.A "performance measure" defines what counts as success for the agent.Hubert Dreyfus describes this argument as claiming that "if the nervous system obeys the laws of physics and chemistry, which we have every reason to suppose it does, then .... ought to be able to reproduce the behavior of the nervous system with some physical device".

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