The silencers 1966 online dating

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Everybody wanted to get into the spy game after the success of the James Bond films.

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If you haven't seen this movie, you owe it to yourself to see it. It's a campy ride full of laughs, action, romance, and music. This is basically Dean Martin playing himself as a spy.

They are not taking any chances on Matt Helm foiling their plans. Helm is saved by a former lover and fellow agent Tina, played by the exotic beauty Daliah Lavi.

He's reluctantly pulled back into the world of espionage.

To get Martin on board, Allen had to make him a partner in the series.

Martin ended up making more money from playing Matt Helm than Sean Connery made from playing 007.. It even comes with a rotating circular bed that will drop its occupants into a large bubble bath.

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