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…Consciousness can and should be altered through rite and ritual.” Sanders also notes most Wiccans do not believe in Satan, but they do believe evil exists.“Wiccans, as a rule, are not consciously or deliberately worshiping Satan,” she writes.Now colleges from the University of Texas to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have their own student pagan groups, while institutions such as the University of Arizona allow Pagan-identified students to be excused from class on Wiccan holidays.” “I think one of the things that really helped solidify for me that Paganism was the path for me was the almost complete freedom I had,” the vice president of the Pagan Student Union at the University of Baltimore told .

Usually they find a way to spend time alone crying or letting down the facade and then go back to acting when they have to be with people.The growing normalization of such practices, albeit still a minority, corresponds with the decline in Christian believers, some observers note.A recent report in headlined “Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology” argues as much, for example.I’ve had clients who lived with their families and only found time to cry after everyone went to sleep, and only in the bathroom.The rest of the time they were acting like someone who wasn’t in pain.

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