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I was about to grab one of his clothes and help him put it back in the dresser then he stopped me. Akhi: Well *smiles at him* in that case if you're really tired then I should help you out. If you are up for business ventures, we have business ideas in the Philippines that would enlighten you with how wise it is to invest in our current secure climate and how online development and availability has greatly influenced the living standards of Pinoys here and abroad.Know more about Philippines and create your own image of what it is all about more than just the word of mouth you heard or read pertaining to this beautiful land and why we say that certainly, "It's More Fun In The Philippines!Unique as we know about Philippines as our country compared to what the Western world has to offer, my family, our family believes that it is our land and we ought to be proud about it, hence was born - My Pilipinas. Travel, experience and enjoy the land of the rising sun today, tomorrow and days to come.We welcome you in knowing more about Philippines and Mabuhay!Reason enough why we have dating back probably in the 40's where we have most of our influence coming from the United States when the war set in.

These beautiful and diverse long coastlines were usually where you will find tourists flocking during summer months in the country (March - June) yearly.

You'd probably think that after Gab came back to our apartment that things were going better...

Well actually, it didn't, and here's what happened the night after my birthday celebration... He was giving me the silent treatment when hours ago we were talking and having a great time.

Diverse as it is, the can be traced with what the country has undergone in terms of colonization in the early times of pre-war.

This is the time when other conquistadors from a foreign land started to discover the vast agricultural rich land of Pilipinas.

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