Difference between dating living together

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The obstacles—class, clan, race, work, conflicting dreams—provide the dramatic tension.In America we live in a culture that glorifies passionate, romantic love.For instance, on April 4, 2010, Vladimir Putin brought his co-leader, Dimitri Medvedev, along with state photographers, to Easter Sunday services in Moscow, joining 4 million Russians in celebrating the nation’s holiest day of the year.Following the service, Putin and Medvedev appeared on National Television to “congratulate” the Russian people for “celebrating the Resurrection of Christ.” Here & Here.But in America, a ONCE CHRISTIAN nation, Obama has forsaken America’s heritage.Instead, Obama brings a Hanukkah Menorah to the White House lawn during Christmas and a Jewish Passover Seder to the Oval Room during Easter…

Next: "Love is a raft in a swiftly moving river" Here's a personal story: It was our first vacation together, now 24 years ago. Hoarse with fear, I shouted over the roar of the river: Paddle this way! I resurrected strokes from long-gone memories of summer camp. What is a story if not a metaphor, a myth in the making? Love is the mystery of union, the distance to be transcended, the fuel to cross an infinity. As the Jungian analyst Robert Johnson wrote in We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love, "The fact that we say 'romance' when we mean 'love' shows us that underneath our language there is a psychological muddle. We "compromise" for a mate who is flesh and blood if not quite the prince we imagined.We are confusing two great psychological systems within us, and this has a devastating effect on our lives and our relationships." In a documentary I'm researching and developing for television, I want to distinguish love from romance, to explore the ideal of true love, or real love, as Johnson describes it. Johnson calls the love he's talking about oatmeal love. The very vocabulary advertises that the champagne of true love is flat. If we care or dare to look at what those who have thought deeply about love have written, we could learn that romance is potentially transformational but never lasting.We were rafting on the Rio Grande in central Colorado. No guide, as two inexperienced rafters probably should have had. Rocks jutted out everywhere, jagged knives, sentries of slime, poised to rip our flimsy float. Love is a raft in a swiftly moving river, scant protection against rapids and rocks, a private place of smells and tastes, eloquent looks and intimate touch, a cache of common dreams and accumulated history. We seek its secret, but it is as individual as one's own face, hidden even from ourselves.

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