Dating someone with tbi

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Meaning her PTSD and her TBI that she had been diagnosed with while in the Air force, now these injuries can happen without being awarded a Purple Heart as they can happen without being in an actual combat situation.According to Air Force records, she entered the Air Force on November 10th. According to Alicia, on this date she was placed on what is called the TDRL(Temporary Disability Retirement List), this is a list of Service Members found to be unfit for performance of military duty by reason of physical disability which may be permanent, but which has not sufficiently stabilized to permit an accurate assessment of a permanent degree of disability.

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But in several interviews that can be found by a simple Google search she claims IED and Suicide blasts while in Afghanistan in 2006.We started getting inquiries from media about Alicia’s service record, and at about this same time Alicia also reached out to us.She wanted help clearing her name, claiming that people were trying to slander her name.Of course we agreed to help her, because we are not only here to out those that dishonor our Vets, but to protect those wrongfully accused.Alicia told us she would send us whatever we needed to prove what she must to clear her name of whatever she was being accused of.

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