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A good student who hates sports, particularly the interpretive dances in which the students are forced to participate.Becomes friends with Sugi-san and Tamamin when the two take Mari and Akko's place at a mixer party.Introduces herself to Mari and Akko in the 2nd year, along with Kuno-chin.Usually called "Tagu"; she resents her parents having given her such a cute, girly name (unfitting for her as she's something of a tomboy).Loves scary stories, but is easily terrified by them (as shown on the school trip).Do you think that looking for friends, make personal relationships or seeking love with people is difficult, requires too much time, luck or money?When the original group is split up, Tamami and Satoko grow apart despite promising to stay in touch and be good friends but with help from Mari and Akko they are reunited.They have since been extremely close despite no longer being in the same class.

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The group gets into all kinds of situations: alcohol, boys, diets, fashion, friends and studies.She seems a bit wary of this, as she is concerned about their well-being, but chooses to watch over them from afar.In an omake chapter dedicated to her, she even envies how the both of them can retain their innocence and purity.However, as the plot develops, Mari, and later Akko, becomes aware of the deeper feelings she possesses for her best friend, feelings that eclipse friendship.Caught between romance and friendship, the two must come to terms with their love for one another, knowing that by doing so, their relationship, and even their lives, could drastically change forever. She is a shy and polite person who always sits by herself during lunch breaks and reads books.

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