Cross dating dressing

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There are many examples in Greek, Norse, and Hindu mythology.

A reasonable number of historical figures are known to have cross-dressed to varying degrees and for a variety of reasons.

(See also forced feminization) Others may choose to take a mixed approach, adopting some feminine traits and some masculine traits in their appearance.

For instance, a man might wear both a dress and a beard. The actual determination of cross-dressing is largely socially constructed.

Gender disguise has also been used as a plot device in storytelling and is a recurring motif in literature, theater, and film. Historically, some women have cross-dressed to take up male-dominated or male-exclusive professions, such as military service.

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Drag is a special form of performance art based on the act of cross-dressing.Some female-assigned people undergoing gender reassignment therapy also self-identify as drag kings although this use of "drag king" would generally be considered inaccurate.A transvestic fetishist is a person (typically a heterosexual male) who cross-dresses as part of a sexual fetish. said he often wore women's underwear under his military uniform during World War II.Almost every human society throughout history has had expected norms for each gender relating to style, color, or type of clothing they are expected to wear, and likewise most societies have had a set of guidelines, views or even laws defining what type of clothing is appropriate for each gender.The term cross-dressing refers to an action or a behavior without attributing or implying any specific causes for that behavior.

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